Southern Mini Days - 3rd - 5th August 2006

Below are the pictures taken at the Southern Mini Days at the Hop farm in kent. The event theme was the 60's.

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John & Alison Mini on the Kent Mystery Tour 'The Catwalk' Elvis & Friends Murder at the Karroke

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I wasn’t too sure about southern mini days;spending a weekend in the company of Daz with a full karaoke set-up. Well I was proven wrong – I should have been more worried about the hangovers!! With only 1 hour to pack everything into the car for the weekend Josie & I arrived in style (late as usual) to meet up with the lads & lasses, including new
members John, Alison & Jack; the ‘Gorilla hunting’ collie! Tony’s trusty stead was pumping fuel out of the over flow so tinkering started even before we got there!

Not long after we arrived. Rob arrived, family & fiends in tow (The clan). Daz picked a prime spot, crosswind from the cesspit stench, in view of the visitor’s car park. Soon camp was a ready, borders marked, lights up, drinks opened & amps blazing 60’s tunes. A passing Gorilla was warded off by the new EDMC guard dog; well-done Jack! Rachel led the evening with a Birthday Buffet for Shawn’s 40th; the party had started! As the sun disappeared behind the horizon, EDMC lit up the night. Stephanie & family arrived after dark, with a bit of mini light soon settled in. From most of the site only one pitch could be seen to celebrate Xmas! The Karaoke arrived & stayed with us late into the night.

Saturday for many of us started with reminders of red wine & evidence of a stampede passing through the camp. Eventually we found our way around the traders & concours. As ever some of us drawled our way around some of the show cars, & brought the few essentials & china tack (‘bling’!) Meanwhile our neighbours had fun demonstrating mini exhaust back pressure; they shot a strongbox bottle 53 paces from the big bore mortar!

An afternoon cruise organized by SMOC lead to squeezing Dave, Rachel, Josie & I in the Equinox with John & Alison in their Racing Green tagging behind. Off we went on the Mystery Kent tour; a pleasant trip around the local area of which included a fun hump back bridge! As the evening drew in, many of us had already parted with cash on essentials or like Daz - a centre consol. Rachel, Gemma & Josie prepared food for a BBQ & I took the honour of burning it on the BBQ! After some food & drink we regrouped in our 60’s fancy dress & made our way to the bar & entertainment. Josie & Daz entered the catwalk fancy
dress & made a proud club representation! After, we all made an escape to the glow show; many fancy lights & interesting inspirations for next year! Que more drink & some dancing. Stephen proceeded to empty his litre bottle of Baileys….

Meanwhile the club camp, powered by two generators now, light up the beacon to guide home the clubbers, those too blind to see the lights drawn in with Elvis – & a good job of it too Paul!! The club tent drew in the crowds & many clubs came to join in, including some from LA (Little-‘Ampton)!! Sunday morning bought more evidence of a stampede & a tornado through the club camp. Jim & extended family arrived in force with more support from Stephanie’s household. Without a doubt this was EDMC’s biggest ever turnout; at least 23 cars!! Tony’s stead was treated to a carb overhaul from the auto jumble & Stephen tried his luck in the sound test.

Dave sneaked off with Josie to claim a prize in the concours for his mint surf blue mk1. Eventually the camp disembarked: 14cars made an attempt to convoy home! Someone lost their hubcaps, Stephens grass tracking lead to another carb overflow blockage & Sarah separated from the crowd detoured via Lewes on her way to Hastings! All in all an uneventful return home from a great weekend with superb company!

Simon Bell, ‘Aka, Mininutter’

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